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About Us

Company Culture

Dongguan Yisite Machinery Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It covers an area of ​​more than 4,500 square meters and has more than 35 engineers and technicians with more than ten years of rich experience. It is a company that integrates R&D, production and sales. Professional mask machine and non-woven fabric deep processing equipment manufacturer.

The company's existing main mask machine products include: flat mask machine, KF94 fish-shaped mask machine, automatic KN95 folding mask machine, duckbill mask machine, cup-shaped mask machine, packaging production line and other major products;

Company Culture
Company Culture

The company has been committed to providing satisfactory products to customers from all walks of life with qualified product development capabilities, reasonable planning and design, qualified product manufacturing technology, rich experience in production, installation and commissioning, and excellent after-sales service.

The company's products adopt well-known brand parts at home and abroad, and the quality is controlled by dedicated personnel. The design team and production team have been deeply involved in the field of mask machines or non-woven fabrics for more than ten years. High-quality accessories, professional technology, and scientific production processes. It has created the advantages of high stability, high efficiency, high speed and low failure of Esite equipment. Our products have been exported to South Korea, the United States, Turkey, Vietnam, Germany, France, Africa, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, the Middle East and other countries contribute to the global epidemic prevention and labor protection cause.

The people of Estech have been and have been working in the field of mask machines and non-woven deep processing equipment. We will walk hand in hand with you in the service concept of "integrity and dedication, efficient innovation, sincere service, and win-win hand in hand" to create brilliant !

Core Advantages

10 years of experience in non-woven fabric deep processing equipment technical team, precision manufacturing

The founding team has 10 years of R&D, design and production experience in the non-woven deep processing equipment industry

R & D and design of mask machine equipment, wet wipes, hoods, shoe covers and other non-woven deep processing equipment more than 1,000 sets
Participated in the production of more than 5,000 sets of deep processing equipment for non-woven fabrics such as mask machine equipment, wet wipes, hoods, shoe covers, etc.
Decades of experience in non-woven deep processing equipment, precision manufacturing, quality assurance

Customize equipment according to the needs of the company's production process.

Avoid vicious competition and take a personalized high-end route.

Enterprises invest less and increase high-end market revenue.

One piece of personalized product can increase corporate income by 3-5 times.

Fish-shaped mask machine
Fish-shaped mask machine

Strict quality control system, delivery on time

Before assembly: 100% of processed parts and accessories are checked into the warehouse.

Assembling: the person in charge spot checks the assembly results.

Debugging: Check whether the assembly work is in place before debugging.

After commissioning: before shipment, the whole machine will run for 2 hours for inspection.

Before shipment: screw the screw, wind the tube to wrap the line, the trachea.

Shipment: spray anti-rust oil, clean machine, wrap film, nail wooden box.

Time-saving and labor-saving after-sales service management system

Customer return visit for 1 month, quick feedback within 12 hours

24-hour fast service: provide customers with the most convenient and fast service
Professional technical guidance: provide rigorous and professional technical guidance to ensure worry-free use of the machine

Personalized tailor-made, low-cost, high-yield

Fish-shaped mask machine