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This machine is a fully automated machine for producing duckbill masks, including automatic feeding, ultrasonic welding and forming. Automatic nose line, automatic top hanging elastic band line, half folding, ultrasonic welding, automatic cut-out and automatic waste removal, etc., the whole machine only needs one person to operate and accept the finished product.

Flat mask machine


Machine size: Machine table cloth rack (mm): L2800 X W1200 X H1700 Machine weight: 1050kg
Back section of the machine(mm): L5000 X W1200 X H1700


Control Method: PLC
Yield: 40-60/min Detection Method: Photoelectric Detection



1. This machine is a fully automatic production of duckbill masks with fast speed, high efficiency, high stability and convenient operation.

2. The finished product is directly discharged from the raw material into the discharge port, and the intermediate link does not need to manually collect the main piece and manually place and collect the piece on the dot belt. This is the improvement and progress of new technologies from semi-automatic to fully automatic.

3. The nose bridge strip adopts a forward fixing device, so that the nose bridge strip is installed and fixed on the inner layer of the material, so that it is not easy to shift and deviate, which can greatly improve the pass rate.

4. Avoid hygiene problems, and reduce manual contact in the middle of the automatic process, thus reducing the chance of manual secondary contact pollution.

5. From the perspective of modern equipment, modernization is the era when automated equipment replaces manual work. Machines are easy to control, and manual control is costly and difficult to control.

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