Elastic cloth ear strap automatic folding mask machine

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Flat mask machine


Machine size: Machine table cloth rack (mm): L2800 X W1200 X H1700 Machine weight: 1200KG
Back section of the machine(mm): L5000 X W1200 X H1700


Control Method: PLC


Detection Method: Photoelectric Detection


This machine is a fully automated machine for producing folding masks, including automatic feeding, ultrasonic welding and forming. Automatic half-folding, ultrasonic welding bottom, automatic cut-out, automatic waste removal and automatic counting, etc. The entire machine only needs one person to operate and collect the finished product.


1. The structure is stable, the whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust;

2. Automatic counting, convenient and fast: with photoelectric detection, automatic production counting function, easy to manage and control;

3. Fully automatic production line, extremely high output and strong reliability;

4. The machine has a small rest area and a small area;

5. Automatic abnormal alarm and shutdown device, intelligent human nature: All feeding systems have automatic abnormal alarm and shutdown devices (such as: cloth), and any raw material will automatically alarm and shut down if there is no material.

6. Intelligent and easy to operate, simple and easy to learn; all parameters can be adjusted, and the operation interface is simple and easy to learn.

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Flat mask machine

Ultrasonic Welding

Flat mask machine

Mask Folding

Flat mask machine

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Flat mask machine

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Flat mask machine
Flat mask machine
Flat mask machine
Flat mask machine

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