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Flat inner ear edging mask machine one for one YST-NNBB-1T1

Fish shape one drag one mask machine is a fully automatic equipment developed according to the needs of South Korean customers. The process flow of this equipment is: 3-5 layers of material rolls, machine-ultrasonic welding peripheral- -Roll cutting-punching the breathing valve hole-folding-station welding-rolling cutting out the body-automatic turning and conveying to the ear belt machine-welding left and right ear belts-finished product output. Depending on the raw materials used. The masks produced can also meet different standards such as FFP1, FFP2, N95 and so on. The ear band is elastic and non-woven, which makes the ear of the wearer comfortable. The filter cloth layer of the mask is well filtered and fits the shape of the Asian face. It can be used in highly polluting industries such as construction and mining.


Machine size: 2880L*1200W*1350Hmm Machine weight: 800KG
Power: 6.5kW Control Method: PLC
Yield: 110-120/min Voltage: 220V


The fish-shaped full-automatic mask manufacturing machine is mainly composed of a material roll feeding machine, a fish-shaped mask slicing machine, a set of connecting machines, two ear band welding machines and two discharging production lines, and can automatically complete the functions of mask body forming, automatic nose clip mounting, ear band welding, automatic counting.


1. Fully automatic production, ultrasonic welding, high stability

2. All-in-one machine can be made according to customer requirements, with high precision; automatic collection of finished products, high output;

3. Photoelectric detection, high reliability, low failure rate; photoelectric material break detection;

4. The machine is small in size and occupies a small area. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust.

5. PLC program control, high output and strong reliability;

6. Replacing the mold can produce masks with a variety of textures

The mask body machine and the ear wire welding machine can be produced automatically or independently with great flexibility. This equipment is suitable for the full-automatic production of built-in nose clip, non-breather valve and inner ear belt-type fish mask with 4 floors or less (for example, it can also be suitable for the full-automatic production of outer ear belt-type fish mask with an additional turnover mechanism)

This fish shaped mask punching machine which is used for fish mask blank production, uses ultrasonic principle, weld PP non-woven, active carbon and filter material in 3~6 layers, put in the nose wire, punching, then cut it into the form fish shaped, it can produce all kind of shapes with the customer’s requirement.This equipment is a one-to-one automatic fish-shaped mask machine, 3D fish mask machine (willow leave mask making machine )with sponge strip , punching breath valve and etc.

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Automatically Duckbill mask making machine

4 Layer and 3D Duckbill Respirator Protective Mask Automatic Machine is specially designed to produce Duck Bill masks by ultrasonic welding, feeding raw materials and nose wire, folding , welding ear-loop.The machine has a high degree of automation. From feeding to finished products, it is a single-line automatic operation, automatic raw material transfer, independent nose line conveying system, and the nose line can automatically wrap products. The machine has stable performance, high yield, low defect rate and easy operation.

 All making programs are automatic with extremely high speed. The filter masks could meet the FFP1~FFP3 and N95~N99 standards. We are experienced in using stapler on industry mask making.

Flat inner ear edging mask machine one for one YST-NNBB-1T1

Nose Line Insertion

Flat inner ear edging mask machine one for one YST-NNBB-1T1

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The surface, filter and inner layers will have 3-6 rolls of fabric automatically aligned and fed in. Symmetrical contour continuous pressure is cut by continuous rollers and then sent to the next step to weld the ear bands to improve production efficiency

The ear band is automatically welded and cut automatically by ultrasound. Available with tie back or loop ear loops and the ability to add nose strips.

We are also able to supply packaging machinery and all the correct materials for the face masks including shrink wrappers, flow wrappers, cartoning equipment, ink jetting equipment, woven and melt blown materials.


Automatic feeding system

Aluminum alloys frames, solid and artistic

PLC controlled, ensure the accuracy of finished products

All clamps are made of stainless steel, the position can be adjusted

The adjustable tensioning device, ensure the appearance and flatness of finished products;

Independent nose clip feeding device, easy to adjust and maintain; after inserted, the anchor point will position automatically, ensure position and stability of nose clip.

Our company specializes in the production of various mask machines, including Flat Face Mask Making Machine, Folding Mask Making Machine, N95 Cup Mask Making Machine, ODM Mask Making Machine, Fishing Type Mask Making Machine, etc. If you need to buy a mask machine , please contact us.

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Flat inner ear edging mask machine one for one YST-NNBB-1T1
Flat inner ear edging mask machine one for one YST-NNBB-1T1

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