Fish-shaped welding breathing valve sponge strip mask machine

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Fish mask with breath valve making machine,according to customers requirements,through PLC programming control,through automatic feeding,built-in nose bridge,ultrasonic edge banding,one-time trimming,spray printing L,breathing valve welding assembly,sponge strip,ultrasonic edge banding,secondary trimming,headband 1 welding,headband 2 welding,CCD detection headband solder joints,packaging machine,finished products blanking and other processes are formed at one time,and successfully developed and designed a new fully automatic fish mask,This machine has the characteristics of high degree of automation,simple operation and more user-friendly.


Machine size: 6000L*1205W*1970H mm Machine weight: 1350kg
Power: 13KW Control Method: PLC
Yield: 20-25/min Detection method: Photoelectric detection

Fish type mask with breath valve mask making machine features:

1. Material rack part: automatic feeding, brake with controller to ensure material tension.

2. Nose bridge part: adopts speed-regulating motor to control the automatic conveying of the nose bridge and ultrasonic welding of the tooth mold

3. Edge welding: ultrasonic welding of multiple layers of fabrics together.

4. Printing LOGO: LOGO can be customized.

5. Breathing valve assembly: According to the type of breathing valve, it can be ultrasonically welded; breathing valve can also be assembled.

6. Sticking sponge strip: can be customized according to customer samples.

7. Shape welding part: Customized tooth mold cooperates with ultrasonic to complete the pattern welding.

8. Shape cutting knife part: customized cutting knife, roll cutting forming

9. Ear bands welding: adopts full servo control, high efficiency, up to 60PCS per minute (t 10%), low maintenance cost, and completes the ear band line welding with ultrasonic.

10. CCD photo detection: Use a high-definition camera to take photos to distinguish between good and bad welding products, and reject the bad products directly.

11. Packaging machine packaging: customized packaging according to customer samples (such as LOGO, content, fonts on the surface of the packaging bag, etc.)

12. Output of finished products: output and collection of finished masks.


The automatic fish-shaped welding breathing valve sponge strip mask production line uses ultrasonic welding technology and PLC program to work, including breathing valve placement tray, automatic nose line, automatic printing, automatic ear strap, automatic breathing valve punching, The steps of automatic breathing valve welding and automatic output of finished products. This multiple process steps can be completed by only one person.


1. The automatic operation is simple and efficient.

2. Program computer control, photoelectric detection device, high reliability, stable performance.

3. Ultrasonic welding saves time and effort, and is environmentally friendly.

4. The fault self-diagnosis function, the fault display is clear at a glance.

5. Most of the whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, high strength, beautiful appearance, not easy to rust.

Fish mask machine with breathing valve Operational requirements

1. The operation mode that can switch between manual, automatic and single-action operation can be realized, and the fault alarm needs to be displayed on the man-machine interface:

2.Use industrial computer to realize real-time communication with PLC, and realize man-machine dialogue through touch screen. Various settings and operations need to be simple and convenient;

3.The equipment meets the requirements of the national safety standards for electromechanical equipment;

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Flat mask machine

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Flat mask machine

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Flat mask machine
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Flat mask machine

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