KN95 automatic head-mounted mask machine

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Fish-shaped mask machine


Machine size: Machine table cloth rack (mm): 3000L x 800W x 1800H   Machine weight:  1700kg
Back section of the machine(mm): 4700L x 1200W x 1600H
Power: 14kw Control Method: PLC
Yield: 40-60 pieces/min  Detection Method: Photoelectric Detection


This machine is a fully automated folding head-mounted mask production equipment. From the production of the mask body to the welding of the headband, the welding of the nose line to the finished product, it is automatic, PLC computer control, and extremely stable.


1. The automatic operation is simple and efficient.

2. Program computer control, photoelectric detection device, high reliability, stable performance.

3. Ultrasonic welding saves time and effort and is environmentally friendly.

4. This type of man-machine interface, parameter setting is convenient and quick.

5. The fault self-diagnosis function, the fault display is clear at a glance.

6. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

7. All control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrade.

8. Most of the whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, high strength, beautiful appearance, and not easy to rust.

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Fish-shaped mask machine

Nose Line Insertion

Fish-shaped mask machine

Fabric Welding

Fish-shaped mask machine

Earband Cut

Fish-shaped mask machine

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KN95 automatic head-mounted mask machine is a special machine for manufacturing folding KN95 mask. The product has a certain filtering effect on the air entering the human lungs.It has a very good effect when the respiratory tract epidemic and it is operated in a polluted environment such as dust.

Can use multi-layer PP spunbond, non-woven fabric, activated carbon, filter cotton. 

The entire machine is from a raw material feed to shape welding, nose line insertion, breathing valve, sponge strip assembly, cutting and sealing, and then the finished product is a line of automated operations, depending on the raw materials used and the selected configuration (character welding),Printing,sponge strip assembly are all optional) can meet different standards. 

This headband style/head mounted KN95 mask automatic welding machine is the popular model for Europe customer.It is use for quickly automatic welding the N95 mask and use the ultrasonic welding unit.This headband mounted KN95 mask welding machine is to put wide elastic belt on the both sides of the face mask blank by the ultrasonic welding.Only one operator is needed to put the face mask blank on the moving belt one by one and the finished face mask will be made by the machine can connect to the N95 mask making machine to be the fully automatic KN95 production line.

1, High speed and good strength

2. Low cost,clean and not damage the object as well.

3, Welding process is stable,the welding parameters can be adjusted to achieve effect.

4, Track and monitor through software system

5, Easy to troubleshoot and maintain,improve production efficiency much

6, Multiple nose bridge lines are shared and easy to replace.

7, Ultrasonic welding saves time and effort,and is environmentally friendly.

8, Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance

9, The transmission system s simple,more reliable,and more convenient to maintain.

10, All controls are realized by software,which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrade.

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Fish-shaped mask machine
Fish-shaped mask machine
Fish-shaped mask machine
Fish-shaped mask machine

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