About the fully automatic face mask making machine

Full Automatic Disposable Surgical Medical Face Mask Making Machine is an automatic mask production line with one set blank mask making machine and one set mask ear loop welding machine. Every minute can produce 120-150 pieces of complete blank mask.

Mask specifications: 175*(80-100) mm three layers of non-woven filter type face mask. Compare with the manual type mask making machine, the automatic conveyor belt and the connecting port, the unique design in addition to improve the production efficiency, reduce cost.The machine is fully automatic,which can totally handle the whole process including feeding, aluminium strip inserting,cutting,folding,ultrasonic fusing,slices.It’s in order to minimize the artificial participation, and reduce the risks of a mask is pollution during the production process.

According to the markets demand,have different types automatic machines,for example Tie-on ear loop mask making machine,external ear loop mask machine,inner ear loop mask machine,N95 mask making machine,cup type mask making machine and duckbill face mask making machine.Nowadays most mask making machines are consist of one unit mask making machine and one unit ear loop machine to form up a fully automatic production line due to the technical innovation.Owing to the different types of the usage and ear loop welding ,divided into three types production line,but the mask blank making machine is the indispensable part.

1, Inner ear loop mask machine production line : one unit face mask blank making machine + 1 unit inner ear loop mask machine.

2, External ear mask machine : one unit face mask blank making machine + 1 unit inner ear loop mask machine

3, Tie-on ear loop welding machine : one unit face mask blank making machine + 1  unit Tie-on ear loop welding machine

4, The mask earbands produced are made of elastic non-woven cloth, which makes the wearer’s ears comfortable. The mask filter cloth layer has good filtering performance and is suitable for high pollution industries.

Post time: Nov-18-2021