Different types of fully automatic face mask making machine introduction

Fully automatic mask making machine has many types,according to the mask types and divided into automatically plain face mask making machine (fully automatic blank mask making machine),fully automatic inner (inside) ear loop face mask making machine,fully automatic cup shape face mask making machine,fully automatic duckbill face mask making machine and fully automatic folding face mask making machine.Automatic mask making machine used to produce 3 layer or 4 layer surgical mask,which is the fully automated production line of the flat mask body,folding synthesis,nose wire loading,mask loading,mask cutting and mainly including fabric material feeding system.Complete production process from raw materials to finished mask.

Fully automatic inside face mask making machine with ultrasonic technique welding,while the mask on the machining position,ultrasonic waves are generated automatically and formed minor amplitude,high frequency and turns to heat immediately on the ear loop,melting the materials and stick on the inside part of mask body,it’s the final process of the production and it needs one worker to put the mask bodies into the mask pallet,the rest processes will be done automatically.

Fully automatic folding face mask making machine (C type mask making machine) is used for producing folding face mask body.With ultrasonic technique,agglutinated 3~5 layers of non woven fabrics,carbon and filtering materials and cut of the mask main body,it could produce 3M9001,9002 and etc mask main body.According to the different materials,it can achieve different standards like FFP1,FFP2,N95 and etc.The ear loop is elastic non woven fabric,it makes the users feel comfortable,good filtering effects,available for construction ,miner and etc high pollution career

Fully automatic duckbill face mask making machine ,the principle is using ultrasonic waves to seamless welding,produce duckbill mask for high pollution industry.It’s available for 4~10 layers non woven fabric and filter materials (like melt-blown,carbon materials and etc) which is up to N95,FFP2 standards.Fully automatic production line:raw materials feeding,nose wire transport system which can folded the nose wire into non woven fabric,automatically folded edge and cutting,the breathing valve holes will be added automatically.The finished masks are nice and machines performances are stable,high production rate,low reject rate and easy operation.

Fully automatic duckbill face mask making machine is the most advanced automatically cup shape face mask making machine,fully auto produce 3~4 layer cup shape mask material forming, hem welding,cutting,integrated intelligence functions,instead manufacturing by manual, use PLC control system,easy to operate, save labors.One worker operates 3 machines,8~12 pcs/min.Stable and less noise,high production,low error rates.

Post time: Nov-18-2021