YST-DBTDP-004 Flat large body filming machine

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Flat mask machine


Machine size: 3650*730*1830mm Machine weight:550kg 550kg
Flat raw materials: Aluminum alloy
Voltage: 220V or according to customer demand
Power: 2.7KW Control Method: Frequency Control
Yield: 100-150pcs/min


Medical mask machine, the full name is a fully automatic high-speed flat ear-hook mask production line, used for mass production of disposable medical masks.Flat mask body making machine is the essential part of a complete mask production line no matter semi-automatic mask making machine or fully auto mask making machine.Complete servo motor drive and control system to ensure the stability of the mask machine when running at a speed of 110 pcs/min.

For the integrated control of the mask machine unit, you can stop or start the entire mask machine production line on the mask body forming unit of the mask machine or on the ear hook welding unit of the mask machine.A finished mask included:

Layer non-woven mask: non-woven fabric, bridge of nose, ears.

Layered non-woven masks, non-woven fabrics, nose bridge, ear hooks and filter cotton (filter paper).

Layered non-woven mask: non-woven fabric, nose bridge, ear hook, filter cotton (filter paper) and activated carbon

The ear hooks automatically fold inwards, without affecting the speed of the mask production line.

Medical mask machine, (the full name is a fully automatic high-speed flat ear-hook mask production line )used for mass production of disposable medical masks or surgical masks.The mask type produced by this surgical mask production line is a three-layer flat-ear-hook mask.


1. Fully automatic production, ultrasonic welding, high stability

2. Multifunctional all-in-one machine can be made according to customer requirements, with high precision and high output;

3. High reliability and low failure rate;

4. The machine is small in size and occupies a small area. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust.

5. Intelligent induction, it will automatically shut down if it affects normal production conditions (such as: no material, abnormal ultrasonic, etc.).

6. PLC program control, high output and strong reliability;

7. Replacing the mold can produce masks with a variety of textures;

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