Fully automatic mask making machine common errors.

What should we do if there is a problem with the mask machine equipment during the production ?The mask size is not stable, earbands are long and short, the breathing resistance varies greatly in the same batch mask, the filtration efficiency of the same mask even change.Below we enumerate the failures that may occur during the commissioning or use of the mask machine equipment, analyze the reasons, and give solutions,hoping to help everyone.

1, inspect the electric power and air pump

50% of the equipment failure of automatic mask production equipment is caused by power and air source problems.For example, due to power supply problems, it will lead to problems such as insurance burnout, poor plug contact and low power supply. Since abnormal opening of air pump will lead to abnormal opening of pneumatic parts, etc., So it is recommended that we give priority to check these conditions, in case of failure of automatic mask production equipment.

2, the sensors position

Due to the vibration of the machine during the production,the sensors might loosed and deviated.With the increase of vibration frequency, the sensor position may offset due to loose.When there is deviation, caused bad induction and sensitive,also can appear warning alarm signal.Thus we suggest everybody to conduct regular inspection and correction to the position of the sensor, so as not to affect the normal use;

3, relay components regular inspection

The relay has similarity situation with sensors during the production,when used for a long time and not pay attention with it maintain and overhauled regularly, will caused electric circuit abnormal;during the production,the pressure regulator spring of throttle will loose and slide owing to the vibration,these case will cause the equipment abnormal work.

4, the transport system

Check the surface of motor,gear roller,slowing motor, chain belt,wheels and etc parts if have any dust,it might caused the heat radiation function,chain belt is too tight or too loose and have any object on it,the lubricate for slowing motor is enough or not,it needs to change every 1000~1500 Hrs.

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Post time: Nov-18-2021