Automatic cup mask production line

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Flat mask machine

Production line function introduction

This production line is suitable for common process production of cup-shaped masks. Mainly use non-imitation cloth, melt-blown cloth, hot air sponge, film, headband, lock, nose strip, etc. as raw materials, which can realize unmanned production (different from semi-automatic).

Technical Parameters

Machine size: Machine size:   Machine weight:  2200KG
Overall machine size: 10000mm×1500mm×1800mm(Different processes will vary)
Power: 14kw Control Method: PLC
Voltage 220V  Detection Method: Photoelectric Detection


1. High stability, low failure rate, beautiful appearance and no rust;

2. Meet the needs of fully automatic cup-shaped mask production;

3. The melt blown cloth is not heated during the production process, and the deformation is small;

4. Meet the full-automatic production process of various cup-shaped masks, with many compatibility;

5. The whole line can be customized;

6. Minimal or unmanned operation;

7. The system is modular and compatible, and some processes can be closed by software;

8. There are many monitoring and detection systems to eliminate faults to the greatest extent;

9. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;

10. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste;

Production process and process

Flat mask machine

Fully Automatic Forming Process For Outer Jacket

Flat mask machine

Knitted Cotton Automatic Hot Press Forming

Flat mask machine

Cup-shaped Jacket Semi-finished Products

Flat mask machine

Secondary Plastic Mold

Flat mask machine

Punching Knife Cut Shape

Import the expected processing of cup-shaped masks, automatic hot pressing of nose bridge strips, automatic welding of headbands, automatic pad printing, automatic installation of breathing valves (optional), and the entire output of finished products is automated.

Flat mask machine

Nose Bridge Conveying Mechanical Assembly

Flat mask machine

Headband Welding System

Flat mask machine

Earband Cut

Flat mask machine

Hot Pressing Of the Bridge Of the Nose

Flat mask machine

Automatic Locking And Fixing Device For Mask

Flat mask machine

Cup-shaped Mask Trademark Pad Printing Components

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